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Daniel Nanthathammiko
Carlson LMD APAC Sales Director

The Boretrak2 Gyro system has been making its way into our customers’ hands over the past few months, whether they are open cut, underground, civil, or quarrying customers. It has truly been a product that slots into any industry where accurate drilling is required.

Over this time, we’ve done our best to ensure that our early adopters have been able to help us refine the UI, the field workflow, and anything in between from a daily ops perspective.

We have seen continuous development on the software and hardware side to make this a full-proof system.





I have personally been on bench to validate system operations and to convey the changes from our older systems and highlight the new gyro workflow.

This has been a successful endeavor as the new Boretrak2 Gyro system takes a significant step forward in speed of operations, straightforward handling of the system in hole, and minimal post-processing.

I still cannot believe we can provide surveying grade deviation surveys in the shortest amount of time (60 seconds for a 15m hole in which I have personally deployed 100’s of holes with this system).


Carlson Scan – Boretrak





Carlson Scan Boretrak app allows the user to quickly Boretrak drill holes without a design to enable quick surveying capabilities.
You can input collar coordinates later for georeferenced data.

We allow users to import drill patterns so that Boretrak data can be measured against the design and reported immediately within our app. Create a PDF drilling report and send it to relevant parties quickly (such as drillers still on bench) to ensure you extract maximum value on bench.

Imports are not limited to drill patterns, import strata layers, surfaces, point clouds (Quarryman, Drone, etc.), and underground solids to enable in-field verification of data. This will help in ensuring a site can redrill stopes, change charging and timing plans knowing how each hole will interact.

Carlson BlastOPS
For those using Carlson BlastOPS, integration is seamless as our blast package utilizes our raw DRL file which handles all gyro data to provide profiling and 3D burden data.




Orica Shotplus



For Orica Shotplus 5/6 users, your workflow has not changed as we now output an *.RHD file (the same as our discontinued Cabled Boretrak).
Import your drill pattern and design from Shotplus to utilize it in the Carlson Boretrak app for on bench results and reporting.

QuarryX users have the familiar *.QPH file that is readily exportable from our app.

Users of O-Pit have the ability to use our older file type *.DAT to import Boretrak data, ensuring O-Pit users have access to a truly survey-grade probe for the all-important deviation surveys and burden checks.


New accessories are being added to our Boretrak2 product line such as the Semi-rigid deployment system for horizontal and upwards drill hole surveys as well as our telescopic pole for upwards deployments from the ground, minimizing the need for lifts, etc.



The Boretrak2 Gyro represents a significant leap forward for our customers to ensure they can deliver the best possible results within the shortest time frame with minimal effort at a fair price.

This in the end equates to safer blasting which should be the goal for all sites.

Novo Boretrak 2 - CARLSON  - artigo 1


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